How To: Boot Your Retail Snow Leopard Disk

How To: Install on AMD

How To Boot From Snow Leopard Disc

How To Boot From USB Drive

How To MPGK Install

Downloads Section

1. Download the Latest “TeknoJunkie Snow Leopard Package” From Here

2. Burn “RETAIL.iso” to a blank CD

3. Boot from the RETAIL.iso

4.When the bootloader ask you for rescan, press ENTER.

5. Go to boot options (f8)

6 Swap the disc with the Snow Leopard Disk

7. Then press ESC to rescan drive. When the name of the DVD appears, press ENTER.

8. It should now be booting from the drive.

9. If you want to add more kext to this CD, you need edited the initrd.dmg of this ISO