We’ve all been using DNS since the birth of the internet. And just today I ran into a problem where none of the Videos on Youtube would load at all, no matter how many times I refreshed the page.

I figured it has to be the DNS server that’s not getting me the data I’m looking for. So logged onto my router and checked the DNS server settings. I had changed it to use the DNS server from OpenDNS some time ago, because I ran into the same issue when I was using the ISP provided DNS.

This time I opened a new tab and searched for “google dns” Lo and Behold 207 million results presented to me.

I clicked through one of the “people also ask questions’ answer” and noticed IPv6 DNS entries provided by OpenDNS. Now, IPv6 is the newer version of Internet Protocol with a larger address pool compared to IPv4, but that’s not something I’m looking to get into right now.

So when I read the title of the article where the IPv6 address was listed and their claims saying that Cloudflare launched a new DNS service I was immediately intrigued.

They had claimed that this service is much faster than Google and OpenDNS with a super easy to remember DNS server.

I dug in and did my own tests with the internets most popular SpeedTest tool on speedtest.net

And more or less it seems a bit faster, but does it play my youtube videos? Nope! So I’m going to try Google’s DNS and hope it works.

Anyhow, check out the article below why Cloudflare DNS service is the fastest.

Source: Cloudflare created the fastest public DNS beating Google and OpenDNS – PPC Land