Clubhouse has a new high-quality audio option for musicians. This is the perfect solution if you want to make your music sound better, but don’t have time or money for studio time. Clubhouse now offers professional quality recordings that are indistinguishable from those produced in a studio at an affordable price!

Clubhouse offers vocalists and musicians the ability to rehearse their act without any other musicians around. This means that singers can sing vocals into your computer’s microphone while tracks playback through the speakers. Musicians will also be able to record small sections of songs or individual tracks at one time.

The new mode, music mode is now available in the three-dot menu under audio quality. This allows users to broadcast with high-quality stereo sound and use professional equipment for their performance such as external USB microphones or mixing boards! You’ll also be able to add it onto any prerecorded Clips so that snippets shared from performers will have great sounding content too

The second boost to sound quality over the last couple of months, Clubhouse added a new feature in August – Spatial Audio. The technology makes speakers’ voices come from different parts of the room with amazing accuracy and immersion for those who want it!

Clubhouse is constantly innovating to make your social life a little more fun. Along with the music mode, they rolled out some new tweaks that will be available on iOS first before rolling them out globally: allowing users to wave at one another through their search bar and moving it up top!