HAWTHORNE, Calif. — For Elon Musk’s very difficult year, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

By Geoffrey A. Fowler of The Washington Post.

Specifically, it’s a 1.14-mile tunnel the inventor and beleaguered CEO of Tesla Motors says is a first step in solving “soul-destroying” urban traffic. In 2016, Musk — already busy running two high-profile companies — founded a construction firm called the Boring Company to tackle gridlock by drilling underground. Some thought it was a joke. Two years of big promises and $40 million later, his just-in-time innovation machine delivered a functioning test tunnel late Tuesday.

What’s it like to ride through Elon’s tunnel? Bumpy, but that’s all part of the ride on a Musk enterprise.

I had the chance to zip through in a Tesla Model X at a launch event that was part Musk pep rally and part amusement park ride. The tunnel runs about 40 feet underneath a road alongside the headquarters of SpaceX, another Musk venture located in this Los Angeles suburb. With an inner diameter of just 12 feet, the tunnel is smaller than most subway systems and just wide enough to fit a single car, which makes its way down to the tunnel through an elevator.

Source: Elon Musk’s first Boring Company tunnel opens, but the roller-coaster ride has just begun – The Washington Post

Image Credit: Tesla & The Boring Company