Facebook has recently filed a lawsuit against the programmer who allegedly scraped data for 178 million users. The company is seeking $5 billion in damages from the individual, whose name has been withheld to maintain privacy. Facebook claims that this person violated their terms of service by gathering and storing user information without permission. In response to this breach, they have suspended his account and deleted all of the illegally obtained information. They also reported it to law enforcement authorities when they first learned about it months ago – but now need help from courts in different countries where he may reside

In response to another large-scale data heist on Facebook, the social network has filed a lawsuit in Ukraine. This time they are suing Alexander Solonchenko for allegedly scraping 178 million user records and harvesting information from one of its most popular features: contact importing through automated tools that mimic Android devices when you ask for phone numbers from people who have Messenger accounts – millions of these were then handed over by him/her back at their workplace where this whole scheme took place according to The Record newspaper article.

Facebook’s security operation traced the attacker to Ukraine, and after a yearlong investigation, they were able to track him down. They found that this man had harvested over 1 billion users’ data from January 2018 – September 2019 when Facebook closed his importer app on their platform due in December 2020. The cybercriminal also gathered information about other victims which included major Ukrainian bank records accessed through “scraping” as well as email contact details used for job postings online

Facebook has filed a complaint against Solonchenko, asking for damages and an order preventing him from accessing Facebook or selling his scraped data.

Facebook is committed to preventing hackers from scraping your personal data. In July, a similar incident took place where 533 million user accounts were compromised through the same vulnerability and Facebook wasn’t going down without doing everything in its power – even if that means pursuing attackers civilly!