Yes, it’s been nearly over a year since the big hype and the price climbing for BTC. And the predictions for 2020 are here!

What better way to start 2019 with these awesome positive outlooks!

Time to stock up on some BTC to average out the long term investment strategy. Although not too long ago Bitcoin was at 3400-3500, and now it’s gone up to $3900/btc

Read a story last month how the CEO for Coinbase walked away with $5bn because the sign-ups are not stopping, and those micro fees make up for a lot of profit.

Check out the post below to learn more about BTC in 2020 and what the analysts really think.

Source: Finance Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) To Boom In 2020, Blockchain Poised To Revolutionize – Ethereum World News

Title image courtesy of Marco Verch Via Unsplash