The Iphone is now freely unlockable. The moment all you unlocker were waiting for the freebie. All you have to really do is install like any other program. They will release a Source Code shortly to prevent Commercial Knock offs all over the place. Here is the fact and now go get started with unlocking. I’ll Probably see more T-Mobile User Using this.

Q: Couldn’t locate byte…
A: Your firmware is already patched or modified or at leas tnot apple default of the fls, try a restore with bbupdater

Q: My IMEI is now 0049
A: Whatever you did, you installed a retail FW over a already hacked one, thats bad, run a unlocker again.

Q: I get a unlock cmds failed error!
A: Try reboot the phone and check

Q: My sim isn’t recognized!
A: Than go and activate proper 😛

Q: I have sound issues
A: Your Provider sucks

Q: Can I brick my phone?
A: No any mistake you do is restore able with more or less work.

Q: My phone is frozen!
A: Usally not, it just takes a bit and the home button is disabled.

Q:Why patch the lockdownd?
A: It’s not needed, do a proper activation instead!

Download Here , PXL Package