This won’t be the first time in history that a company’s share goes past $700 mark on a single share/stock. But it will be the first time ever that a company takes such a short time in climbing such high towers. For Google to hit $700 makes it one of the most aggressive and efficient companies ever. They’ve got great employee benefits, their heart is in the right place and they are definitely bathing in passion for the new technologies that are ever evolving and being adopted seamlessly by the common public. in just a short 2 months the share price has risen from a low $492 on August 16th 2007 to an amazing high of $704 today on October 31st 2007. This is a major feat given that the company is simply on a roll. If I had just purchased just a simple 6-10 shares @ 492 = $2952 – $4920. I’d have my hands on a good chunk of $4224-$7040, thats a profit of an easy $1272-$2120. Definitely worth the penny on my watch a 70% increase, which will make anyone a happy camper!

A market capitalization of $218 billion. With a planned 1st year target of $739 giving Google all the edge it needs to jump-in and purchase the 700Mhz band. We don’t know but its just speculation.

As new updates come, Google is planning on launching Gmail 2.0 check this link here for more information as part of adding IMAP functionality which is randomly showing up on peoples gmail page as Google transitions systems to support all accounts, not to forget that GMail storage is now past 4.5GB.

In more news Google is partnering with Nielson, launched an update Orkut, planning on releasing Gphone in 2 Weeks and reveals open-source API.