Grand Theft Auto is one of the most iconic game franchises in history. It has sold over 150 million copies and it’s been released on almost every console you can think of. This year, Rockstar Games announced that they are releasing a remastered version of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas bundled together for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The games will be called Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Trilogy Remaster Edition!

The bundle costs $60, and it includes notable visual and gameplay upgrades.

The bundle arrives digitally on November 11th, two weeks before the release date for GTA V’s upcoming console versions. PC players will also get their hands-on with delectable content from this deal at some point in December when it officially comes out next year!

Rockstar’s latest game, the GTA series has been around for decades. Many gamers will be sad to see these classics go at $60 USD but if you’re looking into purchasing it digitally or through your console gaming plan then there are some good deals coming up that should make things easier on yourself! The remastered version of San Andreas is releasing November 11th while Grand Theft Auto III releases on December 7th.

Upgraded visuals are the most obvious changes, with upgraded resolution textures and enhanced weather effects. Rockstar has also improved character models as well as vehicle models; it’s not just about making things look good but feel right too! The lighting system was overhauled for more realistic sunsets in Los Santos (the city) or rain-soaked streets during monsoon season… But no matter how much they try – there will always be something that makes you think “this is still Vice City.”

PS5 will be able to run games in 4K at 60 fps, while Xbox Series X improves graphical fidelity by upscaling resolutions on older titles running through it (like PC). Switch also has gyro controls which means you can use the touch screen for navigating menus or zooming around virtual worlds – not just one but all three screens!

Rockstar has tweaked the gameplay in other ways. The controller layout now matches that of GTA V, and there are changes to gunplay and targeting, the weapon and radio station selection wheels, and minimaps (such as the ability to set waypoints). You’ll also be able to immediately restart a mission after failing too, which is a great quality of life update.