Alot of People on the Tube asking me how to set this up.

First, You must have a pc with Media Center and Vista OS

Need: An Xbox 360 Hdd not Required

A High Performance Wired or Wireless Home network

1. Begin the setup process from the 360 Media center by either pressing the green button on the remote or by using your controller and going to Media center from the Media Tab.

2. Continue the process by selecting the Media Center Option.

3. Once Your Basic Network Connectivity is Validated, your Xbox 360 will display an 8 Digit Code. Write Down ths code then go to your Windows-Vista based PC.

4. The setup process will ask you if you want to share media with this extender select YES as recommended to share media folders. Then, Click NEXT. If you are using a User Account Control then a Dialog will pop up that will seek your permission for this. Select Continue to grant its permissions.

That’s it! You are officially setup to view all the media on yur Xbox 360. Any Questions just Comment.