halosoccer-7th-c-415-1.jpg   It seems their is a new object in forge and I guess it is a Soccer Ball! whaa yes thats right a Soccer Ball. Heres the source from Xbox 360 Fanboy “So, everyone with an Xbox probably knows about the hidden soccer ball in Halo 2. The fancy lads over at 7th Columnist have uncovered that the soccer ball is making its return in Halo 3 via the upcoming Heroic Map Pack . Apparently the recently held press previews of the Heroic Map Pack revealed that the soccer ball would appear as one of the special Forge items available for the new map Foundry. Foundry, if you don’t know, is a special map that is composed almost entirely out of objects players can manipulate inside Forge. In other words, the level can be treated as a blank slate upon which to design the ultimate Halo 3 map from the ground up. Now if only there were some way to make the game keep track of goals.”- Xbox 360 Fanboy