Apple iPhone OS 3.0 is latest excitement among iPhone & iPod Touch users. iPhone Firmware 3.0 will add lot of goodies to your iPhone like copy past feature, MMS, Internet sharing, WIFI, Bluetooth support, Parental control etc. The release date of iPhone OS 3.0 is 17thJune.

After WWDC 2009 apple also started seeding latest version of iPhone OS 3.0 Gold Master Build 7A341 to iPhone developers which is apparently leaked on torrent website and available for download. Those users who have upgraded their iPhone & iPod Touch to firmware 3.0 GM might be knowing that MMS & 3G Tethering is disabled on iPhone OS 3.0 GM.

If you want to enable Tethering & MMS on iPhone OS 3.0 here is simple How to guide.

How to Enable MMS & 3G Tethering On iPhone OS 3.0 GM Build 7A341

1. Download iTunes 8.20.13 (Mac Version) from here

2. Install iTunes 8.20.13

3. Run iTunes and Press ALT[option] + restore and locate iPhone OS 3.0 GM Build: 7A341. When restore is completed sync the iPhone.

4. Now Uninstalled iTunes 8.20.13 reboot your pc.

5. Download iTunes 8.20.10 (Mac Version) from here

6.. Install iTunes 8.20.10 reboot your pc.

7. Download ATT_US.ipcc from here

8. Run iTunes & ALT[option]+Update. Locate ATT_US.ipcc & Click ok.

9. Restart your iPhone & Enjoy MMS & 3G Tethering.

Please Note: Above guide is only applicable for Mac Users & iPhone users with AT&T network.

Thanks to the help of BlogsDNA as well.

If MMS is still not working for you, try this.

On your iPhone go to Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network and use these settings for MMS

APN: wap.cingular
Password: CINGULAR1
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: [leave blank]
MMS UA Prof URL: [leave blank]

Method 2


Download This.

iPhone Tether

“UPDATE 6/17/09: Since 3.0 is out to the public now, people are actually starting to use this. However, in the final iTunes, before using iPhoneTether, you will have to run the Terminal command “defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE”. I will release a new version of iPhoneTether shortly that does this automagically for you. Also, a few days ago, I updated iPhoneTether to a new version that has an “Other IPCC…” button to allow you to specify your own carrier file. Good luck, and spread the word!
UPDATE 2: iPhoneTether has been updated to 1.1 with full compatability for iTunes 8.2 and 3.0 final, no Terminal hackery needed.”

If the first method is not working for you, try this method, MAC ONLY. I hope it works for all of you.

UPDATE #3 Video has been finally added


Try this method, no iTunes needed, this method is the easiest.

Go to this website on your iPhone safari.

1. I started off with a clean 3.0 firmware installation, which by default asks you to visit your service provider’s website to enable tethering. Bad times.

2. (SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU’VE ALREADY INSTALLED A PROFILE USING ) Now, if you have manually downloaded the MobileConfig file, email it to yourself so that you can open it as an attachment in the Mail app:

3. With the new profile installed, you can now turn on tethering in Settings -> General -> Network -> Internet Tethering:

Your iPhone should be beautifully glowing blue as well:

Thanks to Richard

Update #5

Thanks to JR, Cherie, Fake “Steve Jobs”

You need to have Family Unlimited Text Plan and you can just follow Step #2. Totally forgot I didn’t have Unlimited Family text Plan. I guess thats why its working for you. Again, Thanks, Let us know if it works for you without Family Unlimited Text plan. Thanks.

Another fast way mentioned by JR, is to Put your Sim in another phone, like I said. Then add the $5 text  plan to your line, not the iPhone Text Plan, then put the sim back in the iPhone and restart. But remember not to put back the iPhone Text Plan.

So either have Family Unlimited Text Plan or non iPhone $5 text plan.

Hope that helps.

It still works! 😀 😀 (BTW the pic is a pic of a kernel panic haha)