iPhone 4G Concept

I know you’ve been reading all this news on how the new iPhone will be coming out in June since we’ve found a hint to a code update on the firmware 2.2.1 which was released just a few days ago. As the initial iPhone is referred to as iPhone 1,1 and the iPhone 3G is iPhone 1,2 the new firmware hints at an iPhone 2,1 which means a complete overhaul of the iPhone internals.

Here is what I think is going to happen on the new iPhone:

  1. better camera (with faces) possibly an auto-focus
  2. video recording at at least 480p or 720p (its’ possible with a 4mp lense
  3. better battery life
  4. 32GB space
  5. snow-leopard based OS
  6. faster graphics and cpu

Why do I think that these or some of these features will be in the iPhone? because of some of the news in the recent weeks. And this is not based on the latest firmware. It is simply based on Apple’s involvement with certain companies and how those features get integrated into new upcoming products.

The new iPhone will come with the new System-on a Chip component which is developed by Apple using processor cores from ARM and possibly integrating with the new PowerVR video and graphics processor developed and introduced at the MacWorld ’09 by Imagination Technologies. The OpenCL programming language being developed by Apple for Snow Leopard and Imagination working very close to CUDA and OpenCL point in this direction.

Better camera because the new iPhoto’09 is getting smarter and more user-friendly with features that’ll make old iPhoto users more intuitive and excited. Why am I suggesting video recording? because of the new iMovie’09 having a much cleaner interface and making home movies a much more friendlier and powerful look.

Better battery because they’ve developed a new way and technology of building better batteries and the new MacBook Pro 17″ unibody with no-replacement battery is a hint towards a better battery for the iPhone. We’ve been getting about 5-7 hours of battery life with the constant usage and recharging of the iPhone since we play games, find directions, restuarants, reviews, write emails, listen to music, watch videos and so much more things on the iPhone that 5-7 hours is just not enough.

I hope some or all of these features to be included in the next version of the grandacious iPhone. I’d definitely love a bigger screen too in competition with Toshiba’s new TG01 which sports a 4.1″ screen with 800×480 resolution and is much skinnier, we don’t know the details on battery life etc but we’ll find that out soon enough.

Thanks for reading!