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Is Push for the rest of us, like Microsoft Exchange, Mobile Me updates all your information and Pushes it to all your devices. Its a great way to keep yourself organize and share with other user. Mobile Me has features such as Mail, Calender, Address Book, Photos, and iDisk. It works with native applications, Like Microsoft Outlook on PC and Mail on Mac. Basically Your Desktop Everywhere.

Wireless devices

Exchange for the rest of us.

You might have a Mac at home, a PC at work, and an iPhone or iPod touch. The challenge is keeping multiple devices always in sync. Enterprises can use a server like Exchange. For everyone else, now there’s MobileMe.

Native apps

Works with native applications.

MobileMe works with the applications you know well. Microsoft Outlook on a PC. Mail, Address Book, and iCal on a Mac. And Mail, Contacts, and Calendar on your iPhone or iPod touch.

MobileMe apps

Your desktop everywhere.

Access and manage your email, contacts, calendar, photos, and files at All with amazing applications that are so feature-rich and easy to use, you may end up preferring them to your regular desktop applications.

Plans and Rates

Individual 20 GB


One-year subscription


An individual membership comes with 20GB of combined email and file storage, 200GB of monthly data transfer, and full access to everything MobileMe has to offer.

Family Pack 40 GB

Family Pack

One-year subscription


The Family Pack includes one individual account plus four Family Member accounts, each with its own email address, 5GB of combined email and file storage, and 50GB of monthly data transfer.

System Requirements

  • Compatible device: Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPod touch.
  • For Mac: Mac OS X v10.4.11 or latest version of Mac OS X Leopard; Safari 3, Firefox 2, or later.
  • For PC: Windows Vista or Windows XP Home or Professional (SP2) or later; Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3, Firefox 2, or later. Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later recommended.
  • For iPhone and iPod touch: 2.0 software.
  • iTunes 7.7 or later (free download from
  • Internet access with compatible ISP (broadband required for web applications); fees may apply.
  • Some features require Mac OS X v10.5 and iLife ’08.