7 Ways of More Orderly Life

It comes to my attention that these wise men from Law & Order have figured out a way for a more orderly life… what do you think?

Any hour of the day — right now, even — you can probably flip your TV dial and settle in to watch one of the 600 episodes of Law & Order (or one of its two spin-offs), no TiVo required. And for that you can thank the shows’ leading men — Christopher Meloni, Jesse L. Martin, Chris Noth, Dennis Farina, and Ice-T — five guys who are so good at what they do, they’ve come to embody the very idea of success. Each has taken a different path to this point — some came from the stage, others from the street — but they all got here by sheer grit and determination. We sat down with each of them at the Carnegie Club, an exclusive corner of midtown Manhattan that just begs you to loosen your tie and have a single malt, to soak up some of the wisdom picked up along the way.

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