I’ve been fascinated about blockchain since I first heard about it back in 2012. I finally jumped in with mining for bitcoin in the summer of 2013. The mining equipment cost me about $530. I could’ve bought 35 bitcoins at the time February 2013 bitcoin price was $15 bucks, that would’ve amounted to almost 500K in 2017.

I took some courses to learn about blockchain on Udemy and have been following the studies done by George Levy.

George Levy is an instructor teaching Blockchain Fundamentals at the Blockchain Institute of Technology. He recently led training at Earnest & Young and had the opportunity to interview Paul Brody of Earnest & Young. Paul talks about how E&Y has deployed over 200 blockchain projects over the past few years.

You can read the interview on this link:

Source: ‘We Have Almost 200 Blockchain Projects Under Our Belt.’ Exclusive Interview With Paul Brody, Ernst & Young Global Blockchain Leader