A few years ago, only a couple of brands could be trusted with great audio. Now, there’s plenty of options that do everything from capturing garage band quality to very radio show quality. For the best podcast microphones, you want to turn your attention to those that are easy to set up and don’t require any experience in audio engineering. These will keep your focus on creating content rather than learning how to use a complicated piece of equipment.

In this article, we’re going to share some of the best podcast microphones that you could buy to sound your best in 2021.

5 Best Podcast Microphones in 2021

1.     MXL 990

The MXL 990 is one of the best podcast microphones in 2021. It is a low-budget product, but it has a lot of features that can be found on other expensive products. This microphone captures every detail in the sound, and it will provide you clear and natural vocals. All this is thanks to its cardioid polar pattern which prevents noise from interfering with your recordings.

MXL 990 has been designed for those who are looking for a professional studio recording experience but don’t want to pay a lot of money for it. You can enjoy many great features such as the ability to choose between flat or low-cut filters, shock mount, and much more.

In order to ensure that you will be able to get your desired sound quality, the microphone´s capsule has been improved. This is a very sensitive microphone that can capture even the smallest details of your recording. It is perfect for broadcasting, podcasting, and voice-over projects as well as for music applications. The MXL 990 comes with an 8-feet long cable. It is compatible with various audio programs such as Audacity, GarageBand, etc.

You will also receive a complete tool kit when purchasing this microphone for recording your podcast. This package includes a shock mount, pop filter, XLR cord, and some other accessories which can prove to be useful while conducting live streaming.

The microphone comes in a heavy-duty aluminum case with foam lining. This is the reason why it can provide excellent protection to your microphone. Furthermore, it will also make sure that it stays undamaged during transport.

2.     Sony ECM-PCV80U

If you are looking for an amazing microphone that is easy to use, has a built-in stand, and looks sleek then the Sony ECM-PCV80U may be the one for you. The microphone has a built-in recording software so it’s simple to start recording right away and upload your videos quickly to YouTube or Facebook.

The Sony ECM-PCV80U is easy to use and simple for anyone at any skill level. It can be used with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS X operating systems.

This microphone allows you to record in MP3 or .wav format and the sound quality will make you feel like you are in the recording studio. Once your recordings are finished, the microphone will automatically upload them onto your computer for easy access from anywhere.

The Sony ECM-PCV80U has a built-in stand that holds it firmly in place while recording or podcasting. It also features an internal shock mount that serves to reduce any noise or vibration.

It’s perfect for podcasting, singing, voiceovers, field recording, conference calling, and more.

3.     Neumann TLM 103

It is extremely important that you purchase a quality microphone for recording your podcast. The Neumann TLM 103 is the perfect microphone for the job. It has a cardioid polar pattern that will cut down on noise and work well for podcasts because they capture the natural sound of a person’s voice.

The best part is that it has a unique frequency response that will eliminate any weird sounds when you are talking.

This podcast microphone is also very easy to use and can be attached easily to your computer with a dual USB connection. It works great with both professional software and generic editing programs as well, such as Sony Vegas Pro.

This microphone also comes with a stand and kit that you can use to mount the mic to most tables as well. The audio is stored in WAV format, which is an industry-standard format that will be compatible with all software programs.

4.     Blue Snowball

The Blue Snowball is one of the best podcast microphones available on the market today. It has multiple pickup patterns, which ensure that it captures the whole sound of the voice. The microphone also eliminates any extraneous noise with its unidirectional polar pattern. This means that you won’t have to worry about background noise when recording with this microphone.

If you are looking for a high-quality microphone to use as a beginner, the Blue Snowball is an excellent choice. It is affordable and easy to use right out of the box.

5.     Heil PR40

The Heil PR40 is among the best podcast microphones with a marine loudspeaker that has an exponential horn design. The benefit of this design is that it provides high sound output in both the low and high frequencies with less distortion. Combined with the N-Guard protection, this loudspeaker is ideal for outdoor marine use.

A dynamic microphone that has a built-in headphone amplifier for audio monitoring. The cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup from the rear of the microphone, which is useful when using ambient noise sources behind it like fans or air conditioners.

As an inexpensive condenser microphone that produces high-quality sound, the MXL 990 is definitely a great choice for beginners and podcasters on a budget. The microphone has a cardioid pattern that helps to minimize background audio, providing clear voice quality.

Choose Among The Best Podcast Microphones in 2021

There are dozens of terrific microphones out there and they all vary in price.  While picking a budget is ideal you don’t want to buy a cheap microphone because it’s going to sound cheap too. Make sure you take all of the contributing factors into account before making your purchase.

Therefore, ask yourself these few questions when deciding which mic is best for you.

1) What type of podcast are you making? Do you plan on recording your voice or will it be another person speaking?

2) Which mic will suit your needs the best?

3) Will you need to use your mic for other purposes besides podcasting?

4) How much can you spend?

Choosing a podcast microphone is the very first step toward creating your podcasts. But it certainly isn’t the only one.

If you’re using the XLR mic systems, you’d definitely need some more equipment and software to record your podcast and make it a hit.

Your best options are:

  1. Best USB Audio Interfaces
  2. Podcast Mixers
  3. Digital Recorders