Recently I’ve been working longer hours and spending more time on work related activities even when I am home. I had posted an article on PowerNaps and their effectiveness. So I was looking for the articles where they had posted some pictures of really nice tools that could easily be Booths or rooms for taking a powernap at your work the research was done in Germany.

I’ve collected some valuable information in the form of links and they provide tools for you to use assisting you to take a powernap.

1. PowerNap Machine ( PowerNap Machine.
They’ve built a device that you can carry around with yourself and when you feel tired just pop in the headphones and ready to nap!

2. WikiPedia (
The link explains itself.

3.’s Info (
The’s version of PowerNap

4. Men’s Journal’s Article (

5. The National Institute of Health (

6. A How to on PowerNap (

7. Revisiting Seistas (