Exactly or almost like what happened with Halo 2 some guy put up a video about the Arbiter but this is even worse. The HALO 3 ENDING those little Bastards who posted up the video ruined for all the Halo 3 lovers. I’m not gonna post up the video or even try thinking about. Well, this is what happens in the real world, if you really want to look at it all give you a link to the Video but I don’t know who in the right mind would want to watch it not because its a spoiler but it is the Crappiest quality!. This is a defiant minus for all the Halo Lovers, Bungie and Microsoft. Sorry about that you guys, but the most saddest I saw a little but it didn’t really make any good sense. It had to be the most crappiest quality ever. There has been people posting comments that it looks like its been. Hopefully you and I will forget about this, just giving you guys a heads up.