Upadate 1: Not all of us are as cool as superjunaid and he got a betterĀ deal

“Actually I saved more than just $100 bucks on my pre-order, I first of all went to the Education Store so instead of $129, it was $116 minus the $100 plus taxes. Not bad for a $25 Leopard legit copy!”

Happy about all the new features in Leopard. Well here is your chance to get it from Amazon, $20 off single user Leopard and $10 off on the Family Edition version. There no catch as we can see, other than the fact you are pre-ordering from an online store. Plus you probably won’t get it exactly on October 26 because you know Apple. I guess thats the price you pay for saving a few bucks. Well this doesn’t really matter for the people who have $100 dollars store credit (Nerd Tax repayment) which came from their iPhone. [Single User and Family Pack]