Cherry MX switches are the most popular type of mechanical keyboard switch on the market and have been for years. These switches are made by a German company called Cherry Corporation, which was founded in 1953. The first Cherry MX switch came out in 1985 and has gone through several different iterations to improve its performance over time. This blog post will talk about three different types of Cherry MX switches linear (red), tactile (brown), and clicky (blue). We’ll also discuss how each one is best suited for typing or gaming, as well as some other features that you might want to consider when buying your next keyboard!

Clicky, Tactile, or Linear?

It’s the age-old question, which kind of switch is best for typing? Back in the day, when there was only Cherry MX switches on the market and little else, it was really simple:

  • Cherry MX Reds (linear) for gaming.
  • Cherry MX Blues (clicky) for typing.
  • Cherry MX Browns (tactile) as a good allrounder and for “silent” typing.

Cherry MX Red:

Mechanical keyboards are the best for typing because they offer more satisfying tactile feedback than other types of keyboards. And while there are many different switches available, Cherry MX Red is by far the most popular with typists. That’s partly due to its resilience and reliability in all environments, but it also comes down to how easy these keys are on your fingers. The keys don’t “bottom out,” instead they actuate at about halfway down their travel distance which reduces fatigue when typing for long periods of time (like during an 8-hour workday). These light-touch switches make it easier to type with accuracy and speed because you can maneuver between keys without bottoming out each time as you would on a traditional membrane.

Cherry MX Blue:

The Cherry MX Blue is a clicky switch that makes a loud “clack” sound when you press it down. This type of key is best for gamers who want to hear and feel feedback from their keyboard. The keys are also very durable, lasting 10 million clicks before they start to wear out! In addition, the switches have high resistance which makes them perfect for gaming because it takes less time to actuate than other types of switches. However, this also means that they’re not as good for typing because they will require more force on your fingers with each stroke.

Cherry MX Brown:

Cherry MX Brown switches are the best for typists.

Tactile, but not clicky. A perfect balance of speed and comfort. The tactile bump is just enough to give your fingers a little bit of feedback without being so loud that it becomes distracting or uncomfortable to type on your keyboard all day long. With light pressure, you can get through an entire workday with minimal discomfort in your hands and fingers–but still enjoy responsive keys when playing games at night!


The best mechanical keyboard is one that you produce something worthwhile on. If you’re unsure about the available options, get clicky switches. If noise is a concern, get tactile ones. Life can be simple. Don’t overthink things. Mechanical keyboards are just tools.