As you all know lately Apple just made some great news about the New iPhone OS 3.0, and its exciting features, well some people are moaning about how they have these features all ready, or they are making up useless info, which makes no logic sense, but is used to cover up half the errors made by those phones. Yes, the iPhone does have many bugs throughout its OS, but none to the extent of Windows Mobile based phones. I mean, does it matter if you have a flash light on your phone, a 5mp camera(which I wouldn’t mind), a infrared receiver.

People consider us iPhone users as douche’s which can be sometimes correct, is it because we want to use a simple and intuitive interface which is friendly to any fingers.  Yes, I can see how some of us Apple/iPhone Users, love to brag about how good the iPhone is, or how it never freezes or lags, but yes it does. Its sometime pisses me off, I am running an App, a get a new Text Message, and the little pop up comes up and freezes my app. Come on I got a new high score in Touch Grind. It all comes down to productivity in ones phone, if you like how your phone works, then go ahead use it, if you know your phone sucks but still love to beat on someone about it, then fanboyism is just for you.

None the less people will people, phones will be phones, take the words you say into considerations, before Apple/Microsoft/Palm come out with the features you want!. Here is some great fanboy quotes as well.

Fanboy Quotes.

my phone can communicate wth animals

and translate foreign languages
it also has a tuner to get satellite programming
you can use my phone as a mixer
and DJ on the go.
My phone can predict the weather and then completely deny the fact that it was wrong if the waether is predicted incorrectly
my phone has an xray vision software that uses the video camera to see through walls
it also has infrared to scan buildings for threats such as iphone users.
Got any more quotes hit umm up in the comments.