I’ve been shooting video for many years starting from the classic 8mm tapes and then moving to digital SD, then HD, eventually 1080 and 4K resolution. Technology has exponentially enhanced what we can capture just in a span of 20 years.

The other day I had a conversation with a colleague about exporting edited footage from his premiere project to 4K where the source footage was in 1080. I recommended that it would be better to export out to 1080P because that’s the source resolution. And if you have mixed footage with 1080 and 4K, it’s better to export in 1080P or the lowest common denominator.

Well this article on Gizmodo, has opened my eyes to this amazing software that upscaled footage from 1896 of a train coming to the station to blazing 4K resolution. The software uses Neural Networks to upscale the footage and adds details in. Which is simply mind-blowing!

Check out the article below and the results of this amazing software.