Well, iPhone OS 3.1 Beta just went live on Apple’s developer center and, as usual, it’s a quest to figure out what has changed. Our lovely developer friends have already started tearing it apart in search of that hidden gem detailing the iPhone 4GFP (The FP stands for “Face punch”), and we’re keeping tabs on what they find.

As far as we can tell, it’s almost entirely developer-oriented stuff.

New stuff:

  • Around 15 new OpenGL toys for handling 3D models
  • VideoEditorController API, which should let third party apps call up the video editing UI
  • Video picker API, goes hand-in-hand with the above
  • Plenty of obligatory “It seems faster!” reports
  • Some are claiming that MMS is now enabled by default, though still not functioning properly on
    AT&T. Seems strange to us that this would come via an OS update and not a carrier file update.

Let us know what you uncover, and we’ll add it to the list.

“1. You can now paste phone numbers into the phone app’s dialer. This wasn’t possible under the 3.0 firmwares. A neat feature is that it will convert alphanumeric phone numbers into a real phone number when pasting (e.g. 1-800-FLOWERS becomes 1-800-356-9377).

2. The phone vibrates once when going into icon-wiggle mode. Handy to let you know of any accidental activations I suppose.”